Friday, August 8, 2014

College Week! Burlap and Fabric Pennants

It's time to hang up our flip flops and get back to school! This week we will have fun ideas that are perfect for Dorm Room Decor! Even if it's only home for a short time, make your space one of a kind! These quick and easy projects will help make that space fit you! Add our college cottons to make a team banner. Tie together for any length!


College Burlap and Fabric Pennants @craftsavvy #craftwarehouse #diy #pennants


2 coordinating fat quarters or 1/8 yard of fabric for the rope and ¼ yard of another for the flags
¼ yard of fusible web
3 burlap pennants
Wooden clothes pins
Optional: Pinking shears or a pinking blade in a rotary cutter for a different edge treatment, buttons, rick rack, bias tape, bells, etc.


1. Trace a pennant on heavy paper to make a template. Cut this template ½” smaller than the burlap flag on all 3 sides. Trace this template 3 times on the wrong side of your main fabric and cut out.

2. Cut 3 flags out of the fusible web, making these flags a bit smaller than the fabric flags. Using these fusible flags, fuse the fabric to the burlap flags.

3. Cut a 1½” wide strip from second fabric. Make it as long as the widest part of your fabric. If using a fat quarter, cut 3 or 4 of these strips and tie or sew together. Space the pennants evenly and pin the along this strip using the clothes pins. If desired, add bows at intervals.

Embellish to make this project uniquely your own!

* Burlap Triangle Pennants $1 each, 30% off regular College Bolted Cotton prices (reg $12.49 per yard) on sale until August 24th, 2014. Selection varies by store.

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