Friday, August 22, 2014

Feathered Masks

Today we are featuring two winners of our Employee Design Team Contest from our Medford Craft Warehouse! These feathered masks are sure to wow at your next costume party! Dana and Kira wrote easy directions so you can make your own! 

Feathered Masks @craftsavvy #craftwarehouse #diy #masks #costume #halloween
(created by Kira Burkett)

Valkyrie Mask

1 pk of Trevini small gold crystals
1 pack of Touch of Nature feathers in natural/gold
2 ring neck feather pads
1 bottle of Tacky glue
1 “mask it” full faced mask
Super glue
1 bottle of white Art Advantage brand of paint (acrylic)
1 bottle of aqua green Art Advantage brand of paint (acrylic)
Flat square tipped paint brush


1.    Start by priming the mask and the mask post with white acrylic paint and let it dry.
2.    Next, I used the acrylic aqua green and painted the front of the mask and the post. Used 2 coats to ensure smooth and even coverage. (When painting the post, paint 1 side at a time so you can lay it down to dry.  When the first side painted is dry, paint the next side.)
3.    Once the aqua green paint has completely dried, take your flat squared tipped brush and white paint, add your tribal designs to the mask.
4.    To embellish your mask, take the gold Trevini crystals and line the eyes, chin and top portion of the face.  Bond them with superglue. I also added individual crystals to the white tribal designs. Lay down mask to dry.
5.    Setting the Feathers.  Start by sorting feathers into a color scheme pattern.  It is easier to work from the top to bottom while keeping the spines of the feathers coming into 1 point.  Use Tacky glue to secure feather spines in place.  I added 2 layers of feathers to create a full effect.  Since all the spines are exposed, I took the 2 ring neck feather pads, cut them to fit over the spines and glued them down.  Let the tacky set and dry for approx. 2 hours.
6.    Lastly, add your Tervini crystals to the handle to add a beautiful accent.  Allow to dry for 2 hours.  When your project has dried completely, attach the handle to the mask and enjoy!!!!

Feathered Masks @craftsavvy #craftwarehouse #diy #masks #costume #halloween
(created by Dana Ament)

 Mystic Mask


1 Full faced mask
2 Peacock feathers
2 Black feathers with purple spots
3 Black feather plumes
1 Turquoise ostrich hair clip
1 Pack of black ostrich feathers
1 Tube of E6000 glue
1 Pack of each Red, Blue, Iridescent, and Purple Trivini sticker gems
Sharpie brush tip markers in blue, green, red, and purple
1 ultra-fine tipped Black Sharpie


1.    Start with placing your feathers around your mask to create the look you want.  After you have determined placement, glue the feathers, starting with the bottom placements of your feathers and glue them to the mask using the E6000. Work through the layers and once all your feathers have been placed and the glue has dried, you are ready for the next step.
2.    Using your Ultra-Fine Black Sharpie, create your masks eye brows by whisking your Sharpie in short strokes along the brow line.
3.    Next, color in eye shadow effect by using the blue, green, and purple Sharpie Brush tipped markers.  Take your finger and smudge the colors together as desired. Allow to dry for 15 minutes
4.    Using your Black Sharpie, outline the eyes and draw in the eye lashes. 
5.    Using your Red Trivini sticker gems, outline the lips and accent the inner eye with 1 gem on each eye. 
6.    Next, using the Blue Trivini sticker gems accent the spine of both black feathers with the purple spots and use 1 gem to create a nose piercing on the right side of the nostril.
7.    Finally, using the iridescent gems, accent your mask as desired.  I chose to accent more of the left side of the mask since the majority of the feathers fall to the right side.

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