Thursday, September 18, 2014

Fall Arm Knitted Scarves

Arm Knitting is back in swing as the fall season approaches! Arm Knitting is a fast and easy way to knit without needles! You can get either one of these projects done before you finish your favorite television program without any experience in knitting! 

Blue and Silver Twist Arm Knitted Scarf @craftsavvy #craftwarehouse #armknitting #scarves #diy

 Blue and Sliver Twist


Two Strands (one Skein) of Cascade Pacific Color Wave
One strand (one Skein) of Premier Starry Night


Cast on 6 stitches. Make the length extra long so you can give the project a twist before closing the ends.  This gives it a different look and emphasizes the lovely shine of the metallic in the Starry Night.

Purple Infinity Knot Arm Knitted Scarf @craftsavvy #craftwarehouse #armknitting #scarves #diy

Purple Infinity Knot


Two Strands (one Skein) of Cascade Pacific Color Wave
Two Strands (one Skein) of Premier City Life


Cast on 5 Stitches.

Work yarn to desired length and join the short ends to create the Infinity scarf. Work a fancy knot at the join by having a long starting tail and a long finishing tail.  Then use a simple overcast technique to create the emphasis to the knotted area.  You could also join as usually and use another yarn to wrap to create a focus feature in the scarf.

* Cascade Pacific Color Wave is available in Gresham, Salem, Meridian, Kennewick and Meridian Craft Warehouse stores. Starry Night is available in all stores. City Life is available in all stores.

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