Thursday, November 20, 2014

Craft Warehouse Design Team Member Kim Ross

Welcome back to our Designer Spotlight where we feature a local Northwest artist and Craft Warehouse Design Team Member! This week we have our local cardmaker and stamper, Kim Ross! We love seeing Kim online on our Facebook and Instagram feeds joining in on the fun! That's where I first "met" her! Read on to see what inspires her to create!

How long have you been crafting?

When I was in middle school, I decorated letters to pen pals with rubber stamps and scented inks my parents purchased at our local Hallmark store.

I was reintroduced to stamping in 2002, and it truly saved my sanity.  My new husband had fallen ill with heart and kidney troubles, so I left my corporate career to stay home and care for him.  A friend of mine was thumbing through a rubber stamp catalog, looking to stamp things like "Bring a Friend" on her direct sales catalogs.  I asked to look through it, too, and I was hooked!  I went to a stamping party later that month and I just couldn't get enough.  (I still can't.)  It was the perfect quiet hobby (sans the eyelet setters and heat tool, of course!) for me to take up during my many hours at home.

A dozen years later, I can't imagine my life without stamping.  I've grown so close to so many of the papercrafters in my area and online -- they really are my best friends!

What inspires you to be creative?

My inspiration comes from everywhere!  Some days it's from a color or an online challenge.  Other days, it's a tree I see out my window or a song I can't get out of my head.  I do my best to be mindful throughout the day and keep my eyes & mind open to possibilities.

What Craft Warehouse products do you love to use?

My very favorite Craft Warehouse product is the Big Shot.  I love the versatility.  It can cut any company's dies so easily with the Multipurpose Platform.  It cuts paper beautifully, but I've also used it to cut plastic, magnet, fabric, felt, suede, cardboard, needlepoint canvas, and rubber.  The embossing folders can be used to emboss other materials, too.  Without question, my Big Shot is the best crafting investment I've ever made.

Doodlebug coordinating papers and embellishments are adorable!  As a cardmaker, I really appreciate the smaller patterns their papers typically feature.  Their designs and colors are so cute and cheerful!  It's impossible to be in a bad mood while working on a Doodlebug project.

The 3M ATG adhesive roller is something I have come to depend on every time I craft.  At first, I thought the investment in the gun itself was pretty expensive, but I soon learned that I am saving money in the long run because the tape rolls are so generously long and the tape is so sticky.  A little bit goes a very long way.  It's so nice that my projects don't fall apart even after a bumpy ride through the mail.

How can you encourage others reading this column?

The best thing about crafting is that there really aren't any rules.  Create what you like, how you like, and enjoy the process while you're doing it.

I used to worry about making mistakes, but a mistake doesn't have to be permanent.  I can add a flower or a button to cover an error, or flip the paper over and start again.  "Every mistake is an opportunity for embellishment," is something I say to myself often.  Remember that the recipient isn't judging your project against the idea you had in your head... she doesn't know how it was 'supposed' to look.  After stamping for a dozen years, I don't think any of my projects have ever come out exactly like I intended. They'll be our little secret!

Join Kim tomorrow as she shares the perfect Christmas cards, just in time for the holiday season! In the meantime, you can visit her on her blog, Instagram, and Facebook!  

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