Monday, April 11, 2011

A Decoupage, Burlap & Moss Welcoming!

Create Moss Trees to Welcome your guests....

First I started with cutting 7 small triangles out of burlap. I made then about an 1.5in long. Then I used "Fray Check" on the outer perimeter to insure the burlap wouldn't continue to fray.

Then Out of scrapbooking paper I used the Tim Holtz Alphabet die cut to spell out "Welcome".

While the burlap was drying I took a plain terracotta pot and decoupaged it with the same scrapbooking paper and Mod Podge. Then I took a bundle of sticks and wrapped twine around the top and bottom of the bundle to help secure them into place. After the Mod Podge was dry I put floral foam into the bottom of the pot.
The final step I forgot to take pictures of...sorry.

I took the moss balls that are in the floral department at Craft Warehouse and placed the sticks in the top and then into the pot to make a tree. Then put some moss over the top of the floral foam. Then I glued the burlap to a piece of twine to make a banner & glued on my welcome letters. Then attached to both trees.

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