Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Keys + Burlap = Art

I'm so excited about this project!

You can create yours in a matter of minutes....

I Started with a 12x12 Black Shadow Box and a 5x5 black frame.

Take the glass out of your 5x5 frame and discard.

Cut scrap booking paper to fit 5x5 frame. In this sample I used My Minds Eye "Stella & Rose" collection.

Glue a key or any small item to the center of your scrap booking paper and assemble the 5x5 frame together with out the glass front.

Next cut out your burlap 14x14 to fit the back of your shadow box frame.

Then wrap the burlap around your backing and tape down using double sided tape.

Place your 5x5 frame in the middle of your covered burlap and glue using E6000 glue.

After about an hour, put the back on the shadow box and you have finished your framed art!

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