Friday, April 1, 2011

Faux Chandelier Idea

So, I was just walking into the Craft Warehouse in Salem Oregon and immediately saw dozens of great ideas using the lighted branches and blossoms that are on sale right now.

You may have seen this page of the current ad:

Including these lighted branches or lighted blossoms is a great way to dress up any floral arrangment, but here's a fun and easy NEW way to use them in your home.... create a faux chandlier! Stacey, Katrina, and Tina designed so many great displays, I just had to snap a few photos right then and there to share with you all. I take a lot of photos in the store to share, but I don't usually point my camera at the ceiling!

You'll need a lighted blossom, some gems, crystals, or beads to dangle from the branches, and maybe to trail up the end if you like. Then you are securing it to your ceiling, with a hook and wire. You'll need to have a power source like an extension cord.

Wouldn't this be fun for a girls bedroom? Or what about for a special event like your wedding reception?

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