Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Creating With Heidi Swapp Memory Files

I love Heidi Swapp's concept behind Memory Files. I have several piles of lovely photos sitting waiting to be scrapbooked but have never made my pages yet. Why not?

For example, take last year's camping trip. We spent almost a week of taking amazing photos. There were so many with so many stories to tell that I just couldn't get very many on even a double page spread. I didn't have a lot of the right sized photos that worked with a page and honestly, didn't find paper that would go with so many different photos.

So, they just sat. 

Until now...

It is even better than a Smash book because your file is just that. A file. You're done when you say it is. You can make it as many pages as you like. Or keep it a single file like I did.

My husband took a day to climb that mountain, so I knew I was adding those photos! The Instaframes make it pop off the file!

This photo is priceless... but I knew I couldn't do a whole spread on my son's reaction to sitting in a hammock for the first time. ;) This is a whole lot better.

Our family has some pretty awesome traditions. I love how I can share them in little envelopes through out the file.

I still kept my "Smash" style of adding paperclips with tags through out the file.

This was so fun! I have several piles of pictures that I will be creating more files with!

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  1. This is SO COOL Jennifer!!! I love the way it looks even though I have not embraced the "Memory file" system yet.


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