Saturday, November 3, 2012

Beaded Snowflake


Multi pack of snowflake forms
Assorted Beads (could be; plastic, glass, seed beads, crystals, or metal)
Rubber Earring Backs
Metal Ornament hangers and or clear monofilament thread for displaying
Optional:  Drop Crystals jump ring, and round nose pliers
(Optional) Bead Fix + Steel Wire Snips


- Begin by laying out your bead design out on a flat surface
- String beads onto each arm of the snowflake form.
- End with a rubber earring back (glue with Bead Fix for permanent designs)
- Continue until all sides are complete.
- Add ornament hanger
- Hang on the tree or use as a gift topper.

Optional:  Add a little more “bling” by using your round nose pliers to create a loop at the end of one arm of the snowflake.  Use a jump ring to attach the drop crystal. 
Tips:  Load every other arm of the form first, because some beads will take up more space at the fused center and cause your design to be off.  By loading every other arm first, you can adjust your design and still have a mirror image design.   Also, wait to glue your earring backs on, just in case you need adjust the design, and only use Steel cutting wire snips.

* Need some help? Make your very own snowflake every Sunday in November from 1-3pm for only $1! It makes a great gift topper or ornament!

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