Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Mixed Media Christmas Fairy Tray


Tin Tray


Patterned Paper

Red Patterned Paper


Metal Hinges

Butterfly Filigree


Sticker Tags


Aleene’s Tacks Glue


Cut the paper to fit in the bottom of the tray. Glue the paper down to the tray. Glue around the edge of the paper and sprinkle glitter into the glue before the glue dries. Cut of the top two butterfly wings and glue them to the top center of the tray. Cut the cardboard onto a dress top shape. Cover the cardboard with the red patterned paper. Glue the dress top on top of the wings. Glue gathered lace to make the bottom of the dress. Glue the hinges on as dress accents. Glue and sprinkle glitter onto the glue along the top of the dress. Add the sticker tags. Enjoy your project!

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