Monday, September 16, 2013

Chalk and Cork Boards

Chalkboard and Cork Art is all the trend! Anything you see below, you can make easily with our step by step instructions! 

You & Me:
Created by painting your frame with chalk paint. Once paint is dry, applying "You & Me" vinyl from Decorating Your Life. Go over the surface with white chalk then wipe off. Using a distro marker you can create any design you choose. (Designer tip: If you don't plan on changing the vinyl or designs and you plan on making this a permanent design you can use black paint acrylic paint instead)

Best Friends:
Choose a metal flower on sale for $3 and glue on with E6000. Tie a ribbon of your choice and add you favorite photo using map tacks.

Be Happy:
Use a bistro marker to create your master piece. This is a great chalk board surface to hang on a child's bedroom door. Or have your child hold the sign for the first day of school or start a tradition using it for each year of your child's birthday! Its a great surface as a photo prop too!

What a Wonderful World:
Paint your surface black. Let dry then add "What a Wonderful World" vinyl by Decorating Your Life. Use colored chalk to create any design.

Monogram Bulletin Board:
Paint the sides of the board using your choice of acrylic paint. Once dry glue chalk board clips using E6000 glue. Add a monogram letter located in our vinyl section. and ad any fun paper embellishment's & photos.

Paint your surface with spray chalk paint. Then add "Menu" vinyl from Decorating Your Life. Then create magnets with the days of the week. Instructions located in our magnet section in the store. Write out your menu for the week using the bistro marker or chalk.

* Items above are on sale now through September 22nd, 2013. Check out our ad here to see more details!

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