Monday, March 3, 2014

Perler Beaded Fish Tail Rubber Band Bracelet

When I went into my local Craft Warehouse, I met up with my rubber band bracelet buddy, Brietta, who creates all the store samples and does free demos. She shows me all her newest creations and there are times where she is seriously inventive.

It was this bracelet that got me totally excited! She used Perler Beads on a regular Fish Tail bracelet and because the beads are flatter, it shaped the bracelet into its own new look!

So, with her permission, I got to creating this fun bracelet! 


Two Nail Loom Kit (you can also create this bracelet without a loom by using two pencils or your fingers!)
Black Loom Bands
Rainbow Perler Beads (right out of the package)


Watch this tutorial video to see how to create this bracelet!

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