Saturday, March 15, 2014

Bubble Band Cross Rubber Band Bracelet

I can't get enough of these NEW Bubble Bands now at Craft Warehouse stores! It is like using something different than a regular loom band. Each band is embossed with little bubbles! Just creating a regular No Loom Bracelet gives the bracelet a completely new look! 

The Bubble Bands come in a variety pack that is filled with bright colors! As if that isn't enough, they have glitter in them too!

To create the bracelet above you will need the following:

2 package of Bubble Bands (just in case you don't have enough of one color, or you can mix colors for your own look)

1 Cross Charm (needs two holes, one on each side)

1 C or S clip

Rubber Band Bracelet Hook


 1. Slip your first band into one end of the charm. With both ends on the hook, begin your bracelet like you would a basic rubber band bracelet as shown below in the tutorial video.

2. When you are half way around your wrist, act as if you are finished with your bracelet and place a C or S hook on the end.

3. Start step 1 again with the other side of your charm. Then, when the bracelet fits around your wrist place the end on the other side of the C or S clip!

Now you are done! Enjoy your new bubble band bracelet!

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