Thursday, May 22, 2014

Make a Wish Wooden Canvas

Our new wood canvas boards open a whole new world of possibilities! Since it is made of wood, the surface is more stable than a regular canvas which makes this project easier than ever!


  • 16”x20” Wood Artist Panel Canvas
  • Vinyl Words Vinyl “Make a Wish”
  • Drill & Small Drill Bit
  • Darice Deco Teeny Lights Battery Operated
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Black Paint
  • We R Memory Keepers Crop n Dile


  1. Punch holes with the small setting on your Crop n Dile where you will want the lights to be on your vinyl.
  2. Decide and measure where you are going to make your 20 holes and drill  a small hole through the wood board.
  3. Spray paint your canvas black. 
  4. Apply your vinyl according to package directions. 
  5. Poke teeny lights through the nail holes.
  6. Use a hot glue gun to hold the wires down in the back of the canvas. 
  7. Hang and enjoy!


  1. Where did you buy the vinyl lettering at?


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