Thursday, May 8, 2014

Craft Warehouse Design Team Member Denise Johnson!

You are going to LOVE Design Team Member, Denise Johnson! She has just the style that our customers love! Denise loves to layer paper and create something special and unique! When she isn't crafting, she is having fun junking at antique faires!

I have been a crafter pretty much my entire life. I made scrapbooks when I was little, making my own glue with flour and water, adhering found objects into a book I hand-crafted from construction paper. I also used to love to make things from discarded items...(today we call it upcycling!!) I remember constructing a "camera" using a small box and a paper towel roll. I rolled up paper inside that would I took the "photo" I would draw the image with a pencil. (wish I still had that little creation!).

I am inspired by everyday life, I see things throughout my daily routine that inspire or spark new ideas. Striking color combinations on the laundry soap box, unique design elements or use of fonts on a billboard, even a discarded "good bones" box can ignite that creative fire for me. My handbags and pockets contain scads of little scraps of paper, napkins and gum wrappers scribbled with sketches and reminders. Sometimes I even dream about new designs!

I love Craft Warehouse's paper inventory, truly a paper junkie, I can get lost in the paper aisles for hours!! My favorites are the lines that feature a vintage or retro vibe. I also covet flowers, ribbon and paint supplies...all of which Craft Warehouse supplies en mass!! (Golden Paint is my favorite and I am so happy I can find it locally!!) Exploring Craft Warehouse is always a motivating adventure, a new inspiration awaits around every corner.

I hope to encourage readers through the passion I have as an artist and through the creativity in all of us! In my classes, participants are encouraged to branch out and inject their own personal creativity and design into our projects. I just love to see what everyone comes up with...all with the same supplies..unique and personal interpretations, this is my very favorite part of teaching and sharing.

I thank you for this fun and wonderful opportunity to share, learn and create!!

Make sure to join us tomorrow for a full tutorial and video by Denise to create a one of a kind gift that will knock your socks off! In the meantime, visit her at her blog and Facebook!

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