Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Wood Hearts DIY on Burlap Canvas

American Crafts' new 12x12 Wood Heart Veneer by Dear Lizzy, just made it a whole lot easier to create custom knock out DIY projects just like this burlap canvas! 


12x12 Wood Heart Veneer 
E-6000 Adhesive
Staple Gun
Red Glitter
Mod Podge


1. Cut your burlap 2 inches larger than your canvas. Wrap the burlap to the back of the canvas and staple it to the back starting in the middle of each side, then working on the ends. Set aside.

2. Use Mod Podge glue and a foam brush to paint one heart.

3.  Shake red glitter on the veneer and then pour excess back into the container.

4. Use E-6000 to adhere the veneer to the canvas. Let dry completely.

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