Tuesday, February 21, 2012

i love to create- day 21- Quickstik tool

Every day of the year is a great day to get crafty! In February we are celebrating some of our favorite scrapbooking and stamping products because they make creating more fun, easier, and inspire us to do more. We want to share the love with you, so each day in February (it's a leap year so there are 29 days!) we are picking one of our favorite products to share with you!

Check back each day to see the new product, and learn more about it.

We craft ourselves, and actually use and recommend these items, because we Love to Create!

Today's pick: the Quick Stik tool from Lifestyle crafts
The Quick stik tool is a precision pick up and placement tool for easy handling of small, hared to pick-up items like small paper die cuts, rhinestones, beads, and more.

One end is filled with a green low tac kind of adhesive that allows you to touch to a small object and pick it up and then place it where you like. Making it the ideal tool for self stick rhinestones or pearls- simply lift off the sheet and place on your project!

the other end of the tool is a very small spatula or chisel shaped tool. this end will come in handy for so many things... use it for rub ons, for helping lift off cut out elements from your Cricut sticky mat, to carefully adjust delicate items on your project. You could even use it to push your cuticles back!

True story- once I dropped a folded $20 bill between the seats of my car and I couldn't reach it. Quick Stick to the rescue! I fished out the money on the first try.

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