Thursday, February 9, 2012

i love to create - day 9 - VersaMark ink pad

Each day of the year is a great day to get crafty! In February we are celebrating some of our
favorite scrapbooking and stamping products because they make creating more fun, easier,
and inspire us to do more. We want to share the love with you, so each day in February
(it’s a leap year so there are 29 days!) we are picking one of our favotire products to share
with you!

Check back each day to see the daily pick, and learn more about it.

We craft ourselves, and actually use and recommend these items, because we Love to Create!

Today’s pick: VersaMark ink pad from Tsukineko (sue-kin-eck-o)

The versamark ink pad is an essential tool for every stamper!

It's called a watermark stamp pad, because it can help you create beautiful watermark effects on cardstock - all you do is ink your stamps with this clear ink and stamp on your cardstock, when the ink is dry you have a watermark image of your stamp on your paper. Perfect for creating your own custom background paperThe ink is really sticky- making it ideal for embossing. Simply ink your stamp with Versamark and stamp on to your paper. Sprinkle color embossing powder over wet ink, tap off excess powder. The sticky ink will hold the powder to the image of your stamped design. Apply heat with an embossing heat tool to melt the powder and raise the image.

This ink is also great for use with chalk. Because it's so sticky it acts as a kind of glue for chalk. Just ink stamp- stamp on to cardstock. then gently rub chalks over the stamped area. Versamark will 'attract' the powder - the result is a beautiful watercolor like image.

Versamark is also great for RESIST technique. Just ink your stamp with versamark, and stamp onto glossy white cardstock. Then brayer or rub dye based ink over entire paper. Everywhere you stamped will stay white, (resisting the dye ink) and the background will be the color of the dye ink(s) you used.

Also available in small cube size, or in a marker!

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