Sunday, February 5, 2012

i love to create - day 5 Sticky Thumb tape runner

Each day of the year is a great day to get crafty! In February we are celebrating some of our favorite
scrapbooking and stamping products because they make creating more fun, easier, and inspire us to do
more. We want to share the love with you, so each day in February (it’s a leap year so there are 29 days!)
we are picking one of our favotire products to share with you!

Check back each day to see the daily pick, and learn more about it.

We craft ourselves, and actually use and recommend these items, because we Love to Create!

Today’s pick: Sticky Thumb tape runner (and refills)

Sticky Thumb is still fairly new in the world of crafting, so you may not have heard of it yet.

Paper Crafters love the idea of tape runners because they are quick, easy, and generally mess free to use. However, the downside is that the more affordable tape runners don't have the strong sticky holding power and longevity of hold that the more expensive runners do.

Sticky thumb is truly STICKY! It really holds tight- and not just paper, although let's face it, finding a tape runner that will do something as simple as adhere textured cardstock together is a small miracle in itself!
Sticky thumb is also GREAT for dimensional paper projects, such as holding together boxes, bags, envelopes and other projects you've created with paper- when you need a STRONG hold.

It works on many other surfaces as well- it holds ribbon in place nicely, also works great on chipboard, plastic, glass, metal, canvas, and more!

Totally inexpensive too! only $2.99 for the runner, and $3.99 for a 2pk refill!

Once you start using it, you'll find out that you don't have to use as much - because it's really that strong of a stick.

Try Sticky Thumb today! You'll never look back! We highly recommend Sticky Thumb.

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