Tuesday, February 28, 2012

i love to create - day 28 - Dimensional Flower punches

Every day is a great day to create! Each day in February we are sharing with you one of our favorite products. We actually craft ourselves, so these items are our 'picks' , things we use and recommend. Check back each day in February to see the daily pick.

Today's pick: dimensional flower punches from EK Success
these look and work like border punches, and you can use them in that way, but they are designed so that after punching you can roll them up and create handmade paper flowers!

4 styles to choose from

Here is a photo tutorial on how to create pretty flowers like these:

Select 2 different cardstock colors for your flower.

(try a double sided cardstock weight pattern paper for added interest)

Punch 3 strips total- 2 of one color and 1 of the other. Just punch along the 12" length of your paper, the design will leave a clean edge so you can punch again. no scissors or paper trimmer needed!

apply strong adhesive to the narrow border at bottom of punched design.

attach two different colors to each other- offset the petals

apply strong glue to the narrow strip at the bottom of the layered punch out borders.

starting at one end, roll up the layers.

keep going all the way to the end- the glue is holding the design together.

now you have one border strip left. apply strong glue to the narrow edge and begin wrapping it around the flower base you've already created.

as you are adding the last layer, try to offset the petals. if you need to you can pleat the paper here and there as seen in above photo to make that happen.

now you have your flower- time to make it bloom!

starting on the outside layer, gently fold down each petal, working your way around and around the flower.

keep going until you have a full pretty flower

If you like, you can embellish the flower a bit- I've added some ink to the edges of the petals. or try spritzing with misting spray for added sparkle.

add rhinestones, or beads to the centers of your flowers if you like.

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