Saturday, May 26, 2012

Washi Week - Suzy Plantamura

For our final post for Washi Week, welcome guest designer, Suzy Plantamura! Her style is always fresh, fun, and inventive! Check out these amazing cards created with Queen & Co.’s washi tape, now available at Craft Warehouse stores!

We love how Suzy covered the entire card’s background with washi tape! Then added twine and Queen & Co.’s new rhinestones to make a pattern.
card one
card three
card five
Suzy uses washi tape as if it’s pattern paper. In the cards below, she applies washi tape as a mat for her cardstock and twists twine to create these “lollypop” buttons.
card two
Suzy also uses washi tape like ribbon on her cards; it is fast and easy! When you need to reposition it just pull it up and place it back down again. It doesn’t leave a residue or tear your paper. You can even cut along the tape’s pattern to make your own, just as Suzy did!
card four
card sixcard seven
Suzy Plantamura designs for American Crafts, Creating Keepsakes Magazine Blog & Website, and Me and My Big Ideas. You can see more of Suzy’s work, including her beautiful doodling and coloring art at her blog, Living My Dream.

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