Monday, May 21, 2012

Washi Week

Welcome to our first day of Washi Week, where we inspire you with ideas you can create with the popular washi tape! Washi tape has really become a trend in paper crafting. It is fun and easy to use.

What is washi tape? Washi is a Japanese word used in describing the way paper was originally made in Japan. The traditional washi paper is thin like that of origami paper. The name, washi, means Japanese paper. Washi paper is bold and bright with lots of color.

Washi tape is thin tissue tape that comes in bold and bright colors, like that of washi paper. It is translucent which makes it look differently depending on what background it is applied to.

How do I use washi tape? It works just like any masking or clear tape. Use pull it from the roll, cut it to size, and stick it on your surface.

What do I use it on? You can use it on any surface. It is tape, so your surface needs to be dry for the tape to stick.

Tape by Queen & Co. now at local Craft Warehouse Stores

Paper crafting artist, Kellie Winnell, can't get enough of washi tape! Kellie says, "Well to me washi tape is always that little something extra that can finish off a Smash page. I started using it late last year and it became an addiction very quickly. I also love that every washi tape I have can be lifted and reused if you stick it down and don't like it. It never tears or rips the pages. When I travel with my Smash Book, washi tape is always one of the main things I take....."

I Love Washi Tape Smash Book Page by Kellie Winnell
Mailing Artist, Cathy Vee loves using washi tape along the bottom of an envelope. Here is an envelope she just sent me last week! Cathy says, "I love Washi Tape! Who doesn't? I love the idea of semi-permanent with a boost of color, who ever thought of that is a genius. Any type of adhesive - brads or tapes - are always a favorite in my book because of my option to "play" with layouts and things without damaging my pages. Also, washi tape is great for that special "touch" for wrapping gifts, decorating cards, and sealing envelopes!"
Mail Art by Cathy Vee

Stay tuned into our blog every day this week for more inspiration with washi tape!


  1. WOOO Cee Vee!!! This is so amazing and inspiring!!!

  2. Thanks Lizzie! Mail Art is a HUGE HIT in our group! So glad to inspire!!!

  3. LOVE both these washi tape ideas, you rock Cee Vee & Kellie xxx


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