Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Washi Week

Welcome to another day where we are featuring fun and unique ways to use washi tape! If you are just joining us today, make sure to check out Monday's post, here, to find out all about washi tape.

Washi Tape by Queen & Co. now available at Craft Warehouse stores

Today we are featuring graphic designer & DIY artist, Elizabeth Goodman, with her fun washi tape home decor projects!

Here is are simple vases created by just cutting the tape to size and sticking them on! Fast and easy for a great look in any room.

Here, Elizabeth placed the tape on paper and carefully punched along the tape. Then she removed the tape from the paper and added it to her glassware for great party decor! Adding a little piece to a tooth pick and cutting a triangle out of it makes cute bunting for these cupcakes.

Using the same technique you can create one of a kind platters for any season!

Note: On non-food curved surface edges, apply Mod Podge to keep the tape from pealing up.

Elizabeth also has a great tutorial on her blog, how to make one of a kind twisty ties. These would be great for a party, retreat, gift, or lunch sack!

Make sure to check back in tomorrow, for another day of Washi Week!

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  1. These ideas are all so clever and very useful too.


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