Saturday, December 7, 2013

Fish Tail Beaded Rubber Band Bracelet

I love the possibilities of this Fish Tail Beaded Bracelet! You can either create it with your team, sport, school, or favorite colors! This is also a perfect beginner's bracelet and can be created with a Two Nail Loom Kit!                                                              

Our Two Nail Loom Kit is available in stores for only $2.99. *Note: I decorated mine with washi tape.

To find out how to make the Fish Tail Two Nail Loom Bracelet watch this tutorial.

Every third band you put on your loom, slide a pony bead on before placing the band on the nails! I liked keeping the beads on the top of the bracelet only, so that I can write and type without the beads getting in the way. But, you can make the beads go around the entire bracelet if you like!

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