Thursday, December 5, 2013

Loom Band Storage Box

When I started learning about Rubber Band Bracelets and how to make them, I realized that digging in the mixed loom band bags for the color I needed wasn't going to work very well. The bag would tip or I would spend a lot of time just gather the colors I needed for my project.

I am so glad Craft Warehouse started to carry these Loom Band Storage Boxes! It didn't take me long to sort my bands into the slots. I use the large space to put my loom hook and C & S-hooks.

The container is perfect if I want to travel. The top seals shut tight so I have no worries of bands mixing in my bag. I now realized that I need another to sort my pony and alphabet beads too!

The box sells for only $3.99 at your local Craft Warehouse!

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