Sunday, December 15, 2013

Snowman and Santa Pails

A great gift to warm a heart Just add cocoa and marshmallows!

  1. Choose 2 pails that are the same size.
  2. Choose a Santa hat or a Snowman hat from our Christmas selection.
  3. Add a belt for Santa or a scarf for the Snowman to keep the 2 pails together.
  4. Using Beacon 3in1, glue the belt or ribbon scarf to the top of the bottom pail leaving a half of your material to go over the bottom of your top pail.
  5. Place your pails on top of each other allowing the belt or scarf to hold both pails together.
  6. Put some tissue paper in the hats to hold them in place, then glue them to the top bucket lid.
  7. Add vinyl faces or buttons to complete your gift.
* Snowman Face Vinyl $4.99 (reg $8.49) and all Clear Acrylic Pails on sale until December 15, 2013. To see all sale prices go to our website right here.

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