Sunday, December 8, 2013

No Loom Trendy Anchor Rubber Band Bracelet

I have fallen in love with this No Loom Trendy Anchor Rubber Band Bracelet! It is a perfect project for beginners! This bracelet wraps twice around your wrist for a layered look that is very popular for tweens, teens, and adults!

You will need:

Loom Bands (in the color of your choice)
Anchor Charm
1 Jumpring


Begin your bracelet by creating a figure eight with one loom band. Loop each end on to the ends of the anchor charm. Then, pull on the end of the band and begin adding bands as you would a standard bracelet.

To find out how to make a no loom rubber band bracelet, watch this tutorial video.

Create the band as long as you like. I finished my bracelet as it wrapped twice around my wrist, but you could even wrap it three or four times! 

When you are finished, instead of using a C or S hook at the end, loop the ends on to a jump ring. Place the jump ring on to the top of the Anchor Charm. 

We would love to see what you are creating with your loom bands! Tag your photos in either Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag #craftwarehouse so we can see!

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