Thursday, April 17, 2014

Chalkboard DIY Glass Candle Holder

Handmade projects don't have to be complicated to be impressive! Join us through out the month of April for ideas that are easy DIY, that will satisfy your desire to create, and will wow your family and friends! This is one project that would be perfect for weddings, parties, gifts, or just a home decor piece for YOU! 

  • Glass Candle Holder
  • EK Success Star Punch
  • Foam Brush
  • Painters tape
  • Americana Glass Chalkboard Paint
  • Vinyl Sticky Back Paper
  • Bistro Marker
  • Jute String
  • Battery Operated Tea Light
  1. Remove the wire around the top of the holder and set aside.
  2. Tape of the top of your glass candle holder with painters tape.
  3. Punch a star out of vinyl to create your star shape.
  4. Place on the front of your glass.
  5. Paint glass chalkboard paint on to the glass then carful peal off your star and tape and follow instructions on the chalkboard bottle.
  6. Put wire back on the top of your glass holder.
  7. Season your chalkboard surface with regular chalk wipe off then decorate with a bistro marker.

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