Thursday, April 3, 2014

Hazel and Ruby Handmade "Always Be A Unicorn"

Handmade projects don't have to be complicated to be impressive! Join us through out the month of April for ideas that are easy DIY, that will satisfy your desire to create, and will wow your family and friends!

  • Wood Panel Board 18"x24"
  • Hazel and Ruby Handmade Mask Stencils (Blindside Alpha, Central Park Alpha and Dear Ruby Alpha)
  • Americana Navy Blue Acrylic Paint and Metallic Silver Paint
  • Blue watercolor pencil
  • Large ruler 
  • Foam Brush
  • Baby Wipes (for cleaning the mask off)
  • Unicorn Vinyl from Decorating Your Life.

  1. Start by measuring your board to create lines to follow when placing your mask on the wood board. Here are the measurements:
  • Start from the bottom of your board and measure the first Horizontal line 1" from the bottom.
  • From line 1 measure up 2.25" and draw a horizontal line.
  • Line 2 measure up 2.25"
  • Line 3 measure up 2.25"
  • Line 4 measure up 1.75"
  • Line 5 measure up 2.25"
  • Line 6 measure up 2.25"
  • Line 7 measure up 1.75"
 After line 8 is created you should have a space above for the unicorn vinyl.

       2.   Place the word "Unicorn" on the bottom line 1 (Dear Ruby Alphabet)
       3.   Place "be a" on line 2 (Dear Ruby Alphabet)
       4.   Line 3 "THEN ALWAYS" (Blindside Alphabet)
       5.   Line 4 " Unicorn" (Central Park Alphabet)
       6.   Line 5 "be a" (Dear Ruby Alphabet)
       7.   Line 6 "unless you can" (Dear Ruby Alphabet)
       8.   Line 7 "Yourself" (Central Park)
       9.   Line 8 "Always Be" (Blindside Alphabet)

    10.   Once all your letters are in place paint wood board with Navy Blue Acrylic paint.
    11.   Slowly peal off letters while paint is wet and wipe letters off with baby wipes, then place back on the packaging it came on.
    12.   After paint has dried paint the edges of your wood board with silver paint.
    13.   Sand the top of your wood board lightly. Then dust off and add the vinyl unicorn.

To learn how to apply vinyl watch this short video!

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