Monday, October 20, 2014

Burlap Fall Leaf Table Runner

There are so many ways to incorporate burlap into your fall decor! A simple burlap runner can do wonders for your table setting. We have also used it on pillows, tied it into wreaths and wrapped it around candles! The possibility are endless! Today I am going to share with you how to create this felt and burlap runner!

This will make 1- 72” or 2 - 36” runners

You will need-

•    14”x72” jute table runner
•    3-6 colors of wool felt, 12”x18” sheets or 1/8 yard of each
•    2 ¼ yards of wool felt for under runner, optional
•    Coordinating embroidery floss, embroidery needle
•    Frixion pen
•    Aleene’s Tacky Glue

1. Cut out the 2 leaves and use as templates.  Trace 12-18 leaves onto each color of felt with the Frixion pen.  (I use Frixion pens for so many sewing and crafting projects.  Write, draw, mark-when you are done,a light touch with your iron over the ink and voila! The marks are gone!!) If you are more comfortable following a line, draw veins on each leaf. 

2. Embroider each leaf-I used a backstitch.* Cut out each leaf.  With your iron on medium heat, iron each leaf to make the pen lines disappear. 
Spritz the table runner or use steam to get the fold lines out of the jute/burlap runner.  If desired, cut the runner in half. 

3. Place the leaves in a pleasing design. Glue in place.  Let dry and enjoy!

4. Place the leaves in a pleasing design.  Do you want to use a centerpiece with this runner?  Be sure to leave room in the middle for it.  Glue in place.  

Let dry and enjoy!

Quick tip: I found it easiest to embroider each leaf and then cut them out.  There is more fabric to hold if you do it this way.

* Get the download printable for this project on our Craft Warehouse website here!

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