Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Holiday Paper Mache Cones

Paper Mache Cones are perfect no matter the season! These Christmas cones are perfect for a mantel, holiday craft night, or fun gift! Make them with your girl friends or children! It is fun for the whole family!

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Santa Cone


A small, medium & large paper cone.
Red acrylic paint
Martha Stewart glue & fine red glitter
1 yard 1” black ribbon
1/4 yard 1/2” black ribbon
2 yards of white marabou
2 packs of Darice clear square rhinestones
E-6000 glue & glue gun


1. Paint the cones with red acrylic paint.  Set aside and let dry.

2. Once completely dry...take the Martha Stewart glue and apply on cone.  From there, coat in glitter.  Sprinkle off excess.  Set aside and completely dry.

3. Take your black ribbon.  Wrap around the middle of each cone.  Glue the ribbon with E6000.  Let it dry.

4. Place rhinestones on card stock paper in square formation.  Cut paper around the rhinestones to create the buckle.

5. Take white marabou (or a boa) and cut to fit the bottom of the cone.  Use up top!  Glue on and then dry!

Christmas Tree

A small, medium & large paper cone.
Christmas paper with 10-12 sheets of paper
Wood Stars
Gold glitter
Martha Stewart Glitter Glue
Red Acrylic Paint


1. Paint the cones with red acrylic paint.  Set aside and let dry.

2. Take the scrapbook paper and cut into strips.(3”long by 1/2” wide for the large cone), (2 1/2” long by 1/2” wide for medium  cones) (and 2” long by 1/3” wide for small cones).

3. Make a loop with the paper strip.  Glue gun.

4. Glue each loop, on to the cones.  Let dry.

5. Coat the wooden start with Martha Stewart glitter glue.  From there, sprinkle gold glitter and shake off excess.

6. Enjoy your new paper holiday tree!

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