Friday, December 19, 2014

Christmas Wood Star

 ICE Resin is a fun and versatile product.  Although used mostly in jewelry, there are many other uses for the product and I had a lot of fun showing you a new way to use the product to create a beautiful Christmas Inspired Wood Star for your home.

Christmas Wood Star @craftsavvy #craftwarehouse #resin #homedecor #diy


Start with the wood star, cutting various pieces of paper to create a collage on the bottom of the star.  Once you have it adhered, spray with red color spray to give a nice uniform base to the project.

Cut out Santa, words, postcard or any that you desire and adhere to the paper inside the wood star. 

Also cut out other images that we will also cover in resin to add to the outside of the project.  They also make cute ornaments once you cover in resin, as well.

Mix your ICE Resin and pour a thin layer in the bottom of the wood star.  Use a foam brush to move it around and cover the entire bottom surface.  This will create a base.  Mix more ICE Resin and pour into the wood star and create an even layer of the resin. 

Add your found objects, glitter, mesh, etc as the ICE Resin will serve as an adhesive to hold the items in place.  Keep your wood star flat on your surface, the resin takes 24 hours to set.  Be sure the layer is thick enough that heavier items sit down into it. I have added small real gears into Santas beard to give him a Steampunk feel.

Leave overnight to set.  Then you can use a cream colored paint to give it a distressed look.

Christmas Wood Star @craftsavvy #craftwarehouse #resin #homedecor #diy

- Candy Rosenberg

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