Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Holiday Glass Blocks

We have great gift ideas that won't break the bank! This is a quick and easy decor project! Just add vinyl and a ribbon then brighten with lights!

Holiday Glass Blocks @crafsavvy @sarahowens #craftwarehouse #vinyl #christmas #homedecor #diy

  • Glass Block
  • Vinyl rub on
  • Ribbon
  • Any other filler like snow, lights, etc...
  1. Start by cleaning your glass block with soapy water and dry.
  2. Wipe the area you will be adding your vinyl rub on with rubbing alcohol and let dry
  3. Follow instructions on your vinyl package.
  4. Once vinyl is on the front of your block, put in fillers (lights, snow, ect...)
  5. Place ribbon around your block and tie into a bow!

* Glass Block $7.77 (reg $11.99) and entire stock of Vinyl sayings 40% off regular prices until December 17th, 2014

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