Monday, December 1, 2014

Quick and Easy Christmas Mason Jar Snow Globes

This Snow Globe is the PERFECT fast and easy DIY project for the whole family! If you missed this make and take at our Open House Event, here are the direction to make your own mason jar gifts!

Quick and Easy Christmas Mason Jar Snow Globes @craftsavvy #craftwarehouse #christmas #diy #masonjar #snowglobe


• Pint Mason Jars
• Powder Snow
• Darice- holiday trims (variety of choices)
• Darice- 10pk mini trees
• PA- score tape 1/4” wide
• PA- 1” glue dots
• wire cutters
• small handheld broom or similar and waste basket or clean up


1. Remove the lid of your mason jar.

2. Use wire cutters to carefully cut the base off of one of the trees (making it smaller so that you can have some height variation in your little snow globe scene- this adds interest)

3. Use 2 extra strength 1” glue dots- apply to the inside of the lid. Place tree on one glue dot, place cut tree on other glue dot.

4. Use mini scoop to scoop up powder snow and pour into empty mason jar. Only a scant hand size will do. Any more will be too much.

5. Place the lid onto the jar (the trees going into the jar- they will be upside down at this point) and
then screw on the ring- securing the lid.

6. Use score tape to run a length of sticky tape around the circumference of the life (on to the
metal ring) Remove paper liner. Add ribbon by pressing it into the sticky strip of score tape all
around the lid. (did you know you can TEAR scor-tape! Being able to tear a super tacky tape
like this is amazing and fast! No scissors!

* Optional: A Craft Warehouse Gift Card fits perfectly inside! What a fun way to give a gift!

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