Saturday, December 10, 2011

Dangle by Design Team Member - Jennifer Evans

Today, I wanted to show you another wonderful gift idea. This dangle was a project created for this post, but I wanted to share it here since the Salem Craft Warehouse is the place I got the idea for the dangle and beads made from Pearl Paint Pens! Plus, if it weren't for Lynn, at the Salem store telling me about the paint pens at Open House, we wouldn't even have this project. Thanks again!

This dangle can be attached to any necklace you already own. This way you can wear it high or low with any outfit. This dangle looks even more "vintage" with a few pearls hanging from charms.

November-23 copy

How easy is that? Just attach a clasp at the end of the chain to hang it on anything. (You could also create a simple keyring this way too!)

Now, I wanted to show you how I created the string of pearls... (This is the fun part!)
Remember, I am not a bead-er and if you are, you have serious patience. ;)

The supplies you need to create the string of pearls are as follows:
a non-stick craft sheet
Pearl Paint Pen in white
invisible thread (you can use clear beading string, but it will be stiffer and not dangle along with the charms)

On you craft sheet, tape your invisible thread all the way across it. Do it multiple times. It takes a long time for this paint to dry so doing several strands would be wise. Use the paint pen to make your pearls along the thread. Let it dry at least six to eight hours.

Watch the video to see how I do it...

After they are dry, flip them over and apply the paint again over top the flat area. Have fun creating large or small beads right next to each other. Let them dry another 4-6 hours. You can tell they are done by touching them slightly.

Take the string of pearls and tie them to the chain at different lengths. I used two strands, but three is fun too! Cut the strand to the length you like leaving a little thread at the end of the strand.
Then, to make sure each bead stays put, add a little dab of glue to the end of the strand with a tooth pick.

When I wear my dangle, my family and friends are shocked that it was handmade. In fact, when they find out it is they have to take another look. ;)


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