Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Memo Board by Design Team Member Michelle Wofford

Hello, I am design team member, Michelle. Today I wanted to share a functional project that anyone can make.

You will need a picture frame in the size of your choice, patterened scrapbook paper / cardstock, a blank calendar template, ribbon, paper flowers and adhesive back pearls.

Start by selecting the size frame you'd like to use.  Craft Warehouse has a large selection of frames in a variety of sizes and looks.  I used a simple 16" x 20" frame. 

You can create the memo board with or without a calendar.  If you want to use a calendar there are two options available at your local Craft Warehouse - a clear acrylic calendar sheet or 12" x 12" decorative boardered paper calendar bases.  Which you choose will depend on the look you want to acheive. 

I've used the clear acrylic sheet so the patterened paper is visible below it.  Trim your paper to fit in the frame.  If you are using the acrylic sheet like I did you'll need enough paper to cover the entire frame.  I usually lay the frame upside down on a table and lay my paper inside the frame so I know I have the best fit.  Adhere any overlapping paper so they don't move once they are in the frame. 

Trim your ribbon to the desired length.  I used used ribbon both vertically and horizontally, this helps camoflage any visible paper seams and adds some decorative dimension to your board.  Adhere the ribbon to the paper using glue dots or other adhesive.  Once the ribbon is on add any other embellishments you'd like to use - flowers, buttons, bling...

I used paper flowers in two colors and adorned each with a white pearl center.  I made this particular board for my sister in law and it just so happened that the colors she chose matched the colors of the outfits my daughters were wearing in a portrait taken around the time I made this board.  I added the photo to give this board an extra personal touch. 

Once you have everything assembled and your glass is clean insert your paper into the frame the right way and attach the back.  If giving as a gift include a dry erase pen so it's ready to use.

Happy Crafting  and thanks for looking ~ Michelle


  1. Very pretty, Michelle! I love the extra spaces for something besides just the calendar!

  2. Great idea Michelle...awesome job!


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