Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Redneck Wine Glasses easy as 1, 2, 3

Every body knows some body who would get a kick out of their very own 'redneck wine glass'.

These are very simple and fast to make!

Supplies: (available at your local Craft Warehouse!)
Mason Jar
Glass candle stick
E6000 adhesive
vinyl of your choice (choose from 'Redneck wine glass', 'Redneck wine Guy', 'Redneck wine Gal', 'North Dakota Pour', and my personal favorite, 'Hillbilly Hooch'

How to:
1.) Use sand paper to rough up the top of the candle stick and the bottom of the mason jar. This will give each a little texture or 'tooth' for the adhesive to stick better.
2.) Adhere the candle stick to the bottom of the mason jar using E6000 glue.
3.) Apply the vinyl of your choice to the mason jar.

Such a fun project, we tried another version with a candle votive cup instead of a mason jar.


  1. great red neck wine glasses, these can be make the centre of attraction in any party.
    double walled glasses

  2. how do you keep the stickers from coming off?

  3. where do you get the stickers from?

    1. You can get them at the craft wharehouse, I just seen a whole section with the mason jars, stickers, etc all together!


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