Thursday, December 15, 2011

Tick Tack Toe Gift Tin by Design Team Member Amanda Sherman

PhotobucketHi I’m design team member Amanda.  This year for Christmas, our family has put a special importance on making gifts.  My kids are finally old enough to do real projects and it’s been some great family time, and I hope memories that will last. 

I needed a quick last minute project we could do for some friends of theirs.  As we brainstormed our options, we decided that a game would be a good idea. We love playing games as a family, and so do our friends.  We decided that tic tac toe would be a great idea.  We made our list and headed to Craft Warehouse to pick up what we didn’t already have in my stash:  a tin (gift card holder) and small round magnets.  We pulled twine, buttons and glue dots from my stash. 

No photo directions today because it’s really pretty easy.

Cut 4 3 1/2” x 1/4” strips of paper and adhere to inside of tin. Trim with craft knife if needed.   (You can use the outside if you prefer).

Thread and tie buttons.

Using a glue dot, adhere magnet to button.  (if you use other flat elements or don’t floss the buttons, the adhesive on the magnet by itself is sufficient).

Wrap and give!


Thanks for joining me today!  Have a Merry Christmas.


  1. Amanda, this is a great idea. I didn't have any tins like this but I did have a 12x12 metal sheet which you inspired me to use to make a larger version using patterned paper, ribbon & large glass marbles. My daughter helped & we placed it in a frame with the glass removed. Thanks for the inspiration!!!

  2. What a cute and simple idea Amanda...just awesome!


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