Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Jewelry Frame by Design Team Member Amanda Sherman

Hi! I'm design team member Amanda here again. I hope you're having a delightful Christmas season. I've had a wonderful season so far. It's a blast watching Christmas through the eyes of my kids and the magic they see in everything.

Part of Christmas to me is making gifts for family and friends. When I received a recent circular from Craft Warehouse, I saw something in it that I just knew I had to do!! It was a hinged frame jewelry "box". I thought it would be the perfect gift for my hard to shop for mother in law. So I hightailed it to Craft Warehouse in Wenatchee and got my quick little hands on one of the frames. I absolutely love this idea because you can interpret it any way. The possibilities are endless.


This is the frame I picked up. I bought the 12x12.


First, open the back of the frame and pull out the piece of foam. I used this in my project, I just flipped it around so the cloth was in the back. Then I adhered my piece of 12x12 paper to it.
I put it back in the frame, closed the back and began to work on the front.

For the earrings (and to add some decorative touches) I used my favorite adhesive, Beacon 3 in 1 quick dry adhesive to apply a crotcheted ribbon. (Yes, the jewelry is made from elements and crystals from Craft Warehouse as well)


I then measured equal distances and use the same 4 pins that came in the frame as the "hook" for the necklaces. I put them in at an angle equally spaced.


Supplies:  Hinged Frame, My Minds Eye Laundry Line Two paper, American Crafts Crocheted ribbon

The finished project came out just as I had expected. And if my mother in law doesn't like it, she's always welcome to give it back to me because I'll gladly put it to use!

Have a Merry Christmas, and Happy Crafting!


  1. nice craft. Now you can use this business directory in india to promote wood crafts import & export business.

  2. Simple elegance! Thanks for sharing, Amanda!

  3. Great idea Amanda...this is so pretty!


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