Thursday, May 2, 2013

National Scrapbook Month Guest Designer Maggie Massey

Maggie Massey of Midwestern Girl, loves to get creative! Even though she is busy being "Mom" she still makes time to get crafty! Whether it is with home decor, a quick sewing project, or playing with paper, she makes time to create memories that last! 

When did you start scrapbooking?
I started in high school (about 25 years ago!) by putting photos into albums and then cutting out words and letters from magazines and gluing them in...and then I made my first more "modern" scrapbook after a girls' trip to Cancun about 16 years ago...I've been hooked ever since!

What keeps you motivated to document your life?
My kids really keep me motivated. Unfortunately, my Mom didn't have the time (or inclination?) to keep a record of our lives growing up and I sometimes really wish she had. There are so many things that I want my kids to remember...and so many things I want to remember for them. Plus, I just really love the artsy aspect to scrapbooking...I love making something out of little bits and pieces and I really need to feed my desire to create.

What do you use the most to take photos with?
Well, that really depends. I guess lately I've been using my cell-phone mostly to document everyday life. But for special occasions (birthdays, holidays etc.) I use my DSLR. 

What is on your scrapbook table right now?
Right now I have 2 projects that are in the works...some layouts that need to be photographed...3 bottles of Color Shine...paper audio book (I love love love to listen while I scrap) art journal...and a torn up t-shirt I use to clean up messes.

What do you do to celebrate National Scrapbook Day?
I love checking out various scrapbooking sites on NSD...they usually have tons of inspiration available! I also try to do something creative...even if it's only working on a small project with the kids.

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