Friday, May 17, 2013

National Scrapbook Month Guest Designer Noel Culbertson

Craft Warehouse is celebrating National Scrapbook Day all month long! We have asked some of our favorite scrapbook designers to share with us what scrapbooking means to them! Welcome Noel Culbertson from the Glitz Design Team! We love Noel's fresh style and amazing photography! But, what we admire most is her love for her family always comes out in her pages.

What keeps you motivated to document your life?

The heart of our family keeps me motivated in documenting our daily life. There are so many things to be thankful for everyday, and they are so easy to forget. Often those things we are most thankful for are the little details we see 100 times a day and yet we don't notice them. Watching out for the ordinary moments, photographing them and then taking just a fraction of those and getting them on paper because life is short and moments and memories fade. I've often been accused over the past 15 years of taking far too many pictures, but there isn't one photo I wish I didn't have. Seeing again and again just how quickly the occasions fly by, encourages me on the continual process of memorializing moments.

Shown above, Glitz Design Uncharted Waters NOW in stores!

What do you use the most to take photos with? Point and shoot, Digital SLR, or your Phone Camera?

I usually tote around my Nikon D300 with 24-70mm lens, however in the past year or so I have used my iPhone camera on a daily basis as a supplement.

What is on your scrapbook table right now?

A whole load of bits and pieces of Glitz Designs paper from a project I finished last night.

What do you do to celebrate National Scrapbook Day?

I have always managed to spend National Scrapbook Day with my family doing my best to make more memories to scrapbook!

You can also enter to win prizes the entire month of May on Instagram! This is how to play:

1. Take a photo in Instagram while you are in Craft Warehouse anytime during the month of May (no purchase necessary).

2. Tag your photo by typing "@craftwarehouse" and "#craftwarehouse" so we can see your photo!

3. Each time you post a photo between May 1st - May 30th and tag us, you can be entered to win prizes!

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