Tuesday, May 7, 2013

National Scrapbooking Month Guest Designer Michelle Price

Craft Warehouse is celebrating National Scrapbook Day all month long! We have asked some of our favorite scrapbook designers to share with us what scrapbooking means to them! We asked Craft Warehouse Guest Design Team Member, Michelle Price to join in on the fun and tell her why she scrapbooks.

How long have you been scrapbooking?

I've always been obsessed with office supplies so scrapbooking was a natural progression for me. In high school I started pasting pictures and newspaper articles into spiral notebooks and adding stickers and doodles. I suppose this was my first attempt at scrapbooking. I started making rubber stamped cards shortly after I was married and was obsessed with that for several years. I tried scrapbooking occasionally, but I really fell in love with it once I had children and had something besides my husband drinking a Mtn. Dew to photograph. I've been "truly" scrapbooking for about 10 years.

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What keeps you motivated to document your life?

I've always been a photographer and a memory keeper, but a few key moments solidified my desire to document my life. The first was when I happened upon some old file folders of my mother's that had recipes and notes on child rearing and odds and ends she'd clipped out of newspapers with her hand-written notes on them. She compiled them when she was a new mother at about the same stage and age I was in.  It was a priceless glimpse into her life and her concerns at that time period and I was overcome with how similar we were. It allowed me to know her in a way I hadn't before. The second moment was a morning when I heard my kids laughing and talking and came downstairs to find them pouring over a scrapbook I'd made several years before. The look on their faces as they read about themselves was something I'll always cherish. I think of these things often while I'm creating, but I never feel unmotivated to scrapbook. It's a big part of who I am.

What do you use most to take photos with?

I have a Canon Rebel and that has been my main camera for years. I just recently got an iphone and I can already see my DSLR staying at home more often. I still lug it around for big events, but the convenience of the camera phone allows me to capture more everyday moments. I can see both of them still having a place in my life.

What is on your scrapbook table right now?

A mini paper tornado! I have bits and pieces from several collections lying about and I really need to clean up after myself. But sometimes a beautiful thing happens when you have a mess in front of you. A scrap of one paper line will make it's way onto a piece from another paper line and you see something fabulous; a new color combination or patterns that are beautiful together. And yes, while that is true, it is also a fabulous excuse for being a messy crafter!

What do you do to celebrate National Scrapbooking day?

I ALWAYS head to Craft Warehouse with my Sister In Law and spend a few hours filling up my cart on NSD. Seriously, I get a big cart and roam the store. Afterwards I go home, spread it all out on my desk and get busy. My family knows it's serious business for me and they kindly let me craft the day away!

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  1. Your layout turned out beautiful Michelle! Love how you used the banners for your sunshine rays and your fun stitching around the sun.


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