Saturday, October 19, 2013

Elf Cones

These Elf cones don't get any cuter than this! Make these for the kids - or better yet, have them make them with you! We used felt sheets to create the ears!


2 - large cones
1 - medium cone
Green Acrylic paint
Glitter blast “Emerald” glitter spray
3 - red puff balls
1.5 yards of red pock dot ribbon
Beacon fabric tack
Glue gun
Light tan felt


Paint Cones with green acrylic paint (2-3 coats)
Spray cones with glitter blast spray
Cut the top of your cone about an inch down then glue on the red puff ball using glue gun.
Cut ribbon to fit around the bottom of the cone. Glue to the cone using fabric tack.
Cut out elf shaped felt ears (create a pattern with paper)
Glue on to cones using glue gun.

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