Wednesday, October 16, 2013

You've Been Booed! Pails

Last week we introduced our Boo Pails with you! Well, this week we have a few free downloads just for you to start Booing in your own neighborhood! Sometimes called "Ghosting" or "The Phantom", the Halloween BOO is on Autumn take on "Secret Santa" or May Baskets. To start a Halloween BOO, one neighbor secretly leaves a small gift basket, a BOO poem, BOO instructions and a BOO sign at a neighbor's doorstep that says, "You've been BOOed!"

Use our clear paint buckets and decorate them any way you wish! We have lots of fun things to fill them with too! Like glow sticks, Powerful Nugget Flashlights, party favors, and even some treats!

A big thank you to our friends at Glitz Design who created these fun Halloween images! Right click and save any of these You've Been Booed Poems and Sign, print, and start the fun today!

* Clear Acrylic Paint Pails Quart 2 for $6 (reg $3.99), Gallon 2 for $8 (reg $9.99), and Large Slanted Sides 2 for $20 (reg $14.99) on sale until October 27, 2013! Check out more Halloween items, including flashlights and glow sticks on sale at our website here!

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