Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Santa Cones

These fun Santa Cones make a great mantel or table top display for the holidays! A great craft for kids and adults alike! 

Shopping List

• Paper cones Small, Medium & Large
• Red acrylic paint
• Martha Stewart glue & fine red glitter or Krylon Cherry Bomb Glitter Blast spray
• 1 yard 1” black ribbon
• 1/4 yard 1/2” black ribbon
• 2 yards of white Marabou feathers
• 2 Packs of Darice clear square rhinestones
• E6000 glue and glue gun

• Paint the cones with red acrylic paint. Set aside and let dry.
• Once completely dry...take the Martha Stewart glue and apply on cone. Then coat in glitter. Sprinkle off excess. Set aside and completely dry.
• Take your black ribbon. Wrap around the middle of each cone. Glue the ribbon with E6000. Let it dry.
• Place rhinestones on card stock paper in square formation. Cut paper around the rhinestones to create the buckle.
• Take white marabou (or a boa) and cut to fit the bottom of the cone. Use up top! Glue on and then dry!

* Paper Mache Cones on sale 40% off regular prices until October 27th, 2013!

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