Thursday, October 31, 2013

Shamballa Style Bracelets


  • 1 strand of 6MM, glass pearls, 1 strand of 10MM glass pearls
  • Focal Bead(s), 6MM-14MM in size
  • TEX210 C-Lon cording
  • GS Hypo Cement
  • Tools:
  • Scissors
  • Foam core and T-Pins, or Clip board and tape.


(Refer to the Knot Terms, Definitions, and Abbreviations)
  1. Cut 2 lengths of cording 60 inches long and two 18 inch length of cording, set one of the 12 inch pieces aside.
  2. Pin a 12 inch piece of cording to your foam core or clip onto clip board and pin/tape the other end down so that the cord is taught. Slide the ends of the longer length of cording underneath the upper portion of the pinned down cord, then begin tying a square knot using the pinned cord as the filler cord.
  3. Square Knot(SK): To tie a square knot you must have two working cord and at least one filler cord on which to tie the knot.  Lay your left working cord (WC) over the filler cord (FC) (this will create what looks like the number “4”), bring your right WC over the top of the left WC, bring the right cord underneath the FC, and up through the uprights of the “4”, pull both WC until snug at the top.  You have just created the first half of a square knot, often referred to as a “half knot”.  Nexttake the working cord that's now on the right and curve it over the fillers, heading left. Take the left working cord and pass it over the right one, under the fillers, and out through the space on the right. Tighten the Square Knot by pulling on the ends. The Head of the knot will face left.
  4. Slide a bead onto the cord and up next to the knot. Repeat tying one knot and adding a bead.
  5. For adding a focal bead that you would like to have centered, measure the circumference of your wrist, subtract ½ inch, and then divide in two. This is the measurement to use from the first pearl to the focal.
  6. Continue adding beads and tying a knot after each until you have mirrored the first portion.
  7. To create the slide knot. Re-pin or tape, the bracelet, so that the two filler cords are side by side forming the round shape of the bracelet, pin of tape at the edge of the beads so that you can knot around the two filler cords.
  8. Using the last 18 inch piece of cording slide the end under the two ends that are pinned down, and begin tying a square knot. Tie five full square knots, around the filler cords.
  9. Carefully glue the ends of the slide knot cord to each side of the knot head using the GS Hypo cement, being careful not to glue the filler cords which would cause the knot to stay in place rather than slide to form the closure. *A lighter can also be used to melt the ends of the cord to the knot.
  10. To finish, adjust the slide closure to fit your wrist, and also so that you can remove the bracelet, slide a pearl on each end of the cord and tie an over hand knot, this will prevent the pearl and filler cord from sliding through the slide knot.

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