Thursday, July 3, 2014

4th of July Rubber Band Bracelet

Happy 4th of July! There is nothing better than spending the 4th with family and friends! Today I had the best time with my niece teaching her a new rubber band bracelet! Cousins sat and made their own on their own looms - the whole time getting along! I love that! Here is a great holiday bracelet that you and your family can make this weekend while celebrating! Hey, or make one now to wear to the celebration! 
4th of July Rubber Band Bracelet by @createoften for @craftsavvy #craftwarehouse #loombands #rubberbandbracelets

For this bracelet, I am using the "Chain Mail" instructions (page 17) from Rubber Band Loom Crafts book available at Craft Warehouse stores. It is also known as the Dragon Scale Rubber Band Bracelet.

4th of July Rubber Band Bracelet by @createoften for @craftsavvy #craftwarehouse #loombands #rubberbandbracelets

My pattern is as follows:

1. Begin pegs 1-4 with white bands creating figure 8's.

2. Twist a red band into a figure 8 on pins 2 and 3.

3. Begin looping and any time you need to place a new band on 2-3 pegs alternate red and blue! 

Happy 4th of July and happy looping!

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