Monday, July 14, 2014

Easy Birthday Cake Stand

When I was planning my daughter's first birthday, I knew I wanted her to have her own "cake experience" in both a pretty but contained way. I mean, who wants to have to clean a messy high chair?!

Also, it wasn't until after my son's first birthday that we found out that he had food allergies to egg and nuts, so we have been keeping our daughter away from these things as long as possible - just in case.

Instead of having cake for our guests we had ice cream sundaes and I made my daughter her own no egg, no sugar cake.

Mind you, it not being a traditional cake, it wasn't all that pretty but I made it special for her. It was safe and edible (even if she didn't eat it and just played with it). Ha!

Cake Stand Supplies:
(all can be found at your local Craft Warehouse)

Decorative Plate
Glass Candle Stick
E6000 Adhesive


1. Wash and dry your candle stick and plate.

2. Place a ring of E6000 glue to the top of the candle stick.

3. Place the middle of the plate on the candle stick. You can place the plate upright or upside down. (I put the plate upright.)

4. Let it dry overnight.

5. Hand wash.

Wholefoods No Egg and No Sugar Apple Spice Cake recipe was found right here. No Egg and No Sugar Cream Cheese Frosting was found right here.

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