Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Glamping Party Welcome Sign

Last week I got to share the fun Glamping Themed Birthday Party here on the blog - which was so much fun to plan! One of my favorite projects for the party was this welcome sign! We had it posted in the yard so that it would welcome family and friends! It is so easy to make with our unfinished wood, Americana Chalky Paint, and Hazel and Ruby Stencil Masks.


3 Unfinished Boards 7x2 foot (available at Craft Warehouse)
Americana Decor Chalky Paint in 2 colors
Hazel and Ruby Stencil Masks (Blindside Alpha and Everyday Words)
Foam Brushes
Gold Spray Paint
Painters Tape

Glamping Party Welcome Sign @craftsavvy @createoften #craftwarehouse #glamping #party #diy


1. Paint two coats of Americana Chalky Paint on the unfinished boards, letting the first coat dry completely before applying the second.

Glamping Party Welcome Sign @craftsavvy @createoften #craftwarehouse #glamping #party #diy

2. Place letters on the board.

3. Paint the second color of Americana Chalky Paint over top of the entire board, covering the letters.

Glamping Party Welcome Sign @craftsavvy @createoften #craftwarehouse #glamping #party #diy
4. Carefully remove the letters from the board while the paint is still wet. Wipe the tops of the letters with a baby wipe and dry off with a paper towel. (Placing them on a non-stick craft mat helps clean them easier.) These can be reused, so place them back in the packaging for next time.

5. Use painters tape or another stencil to create the chevrons on the side. Make sure to place paper towels on the rest of the sign to protect it from the gold spray paint. Spray chevrons gold. Let paint set for a minute before removing the tape or stencil.

Glamping Party Welcome Sign @craftsavvy @createoften #craftwarehouse #glamping #party #diy

To Install:

1. Use a post digger to dig a small hole in yard. This can easily be replaced as the hole was not very deep. I also picked a dry spot in the yard so that it can be fixed quickly in the fall - just in case.

2. I used a 2x4 post that my father-in-law had laying around.

3. Use a nail gun to nail each sign to the post. (One at the top and the bottom). Thank goodness for brother-in-laws! Paint the nail holes with the chalky paint.

Glamping Party Welcome Sign @craftsavvy @createoften #craftwarehouse #glamping #party #diy

* Note: If you do not want to dig a hole in the ground, try attaching the post to a metal stake. I love ours so much that I have it still out in the yard looking just as great as it did the first day we put it up!

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