Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Barn Wood Frame with Cast Iron Hooks

Designed and Created by Dania for Craft Warehouse
16x20 barn wood frame
16x20 foam board
19x22 cotton canvas fabric
2 yards of jute string
canvas corp mini clothes pins
1 yard burlap ribbon
assorted cast iron hooks
Montana Spray paint
Spray paint all cast iron hardware & clothes pins. Wrap foam board with cotton canvas fabric and tape it to the back of the foam board. Wrap jute string around the front of the board securing with tape on the back side of the board. Place fabric covered foam board into the barn wood frame.
Attach cast iron hardware to the front of your frame. Attach clothes pins to the jute string.
Now decorate it using burlap ribbon, photos, or anything you want!

* Cast Iron Hooks and Knobs are 3 for $10 (reg $3.99) on sale until September 16th, 2012.

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